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Safe on a bus

One snowy morning, Clint Shults was driving a school bus with students on board when suddenly the weight of the snow brought a power line down onto the moving school bus. 

Power savers on the farm

Your local cooperative serves a rural/suburban mix of members, including full- and part-time farmers, hobby farmers and folks in semi-rural subdivisions. Many of these members have one or more outbuildings, barns, greenhouses and high tunnels for livestock; poultry; vegetable production; hay; equipment; grain storage; and mechanical, metal or woodworking shops.

Cut your energy loss from windows

Cut your energy loss from windows

Windows are one way we dress up the exterior and interior of our homes, but without special attention, they can be huge energy drains. A home energy audit can identify just how much conditioned air you may be losing to the outdoors through single-pane windows, windows with poor or no weatherstripping or caulking and windows without drapes or other coverings.

Enjoy water recreation safely

Electricity is essential energy —it keeps us cool in the summer, lights our house, keeps the refrigerator cold, and runs the TV, stereo, and computers. However, water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Whether it’s swimming, boating, or fishing, Safe Electricity reminds everyone to avoid electrical hazards during water recreation.
Enjoy water recreation safely

Your vote matters!

The 2019 Cuivre River Electric Cooperative election of four board directors is underway.

This year’s election includes a slate of eight candidates across four districts. To provide you with more information about each of their backgrounds and views, download our voter guide.

Penny Power

Do you remember when “penny candy” actually cost a penny? What does a penny buy these days? Not much. The government can’t even make a penny for a penny anymore. According to the U.S. Mint, it now costs 1.5 cents to produce one.