Voting for CREC's Board of Directors starts July 9

Mark your calendar for the start of voting in CREC’s Board of Directors 2019 election.

In next month’s issue of Current Times, and on the CREC website, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about your director candidates for this year’s election.

Voting may be done online, by requesting a paper ballot, or if you choose to attend the annual meeting on August 22, you can vote there. You can also visit CREC’s headquarters in Troy or in Lake Saint Louis to vote online if you do not have computer access at home.

Outdoor electrical box safety tips

It was the day before Easter 20 years ago when a flash from a suburban backyard knocked out power in the neighborhood and came all too close to ending in a tragedy. Two young boys, Aaron and Brett Studer, were playing outside with wooden swords. However, they didn’t know anything about the green metal boxes that they were playing around in the back corner of their yard.