Youth Tour

Youth Tour

Cuivre River Electric announces Youth Tour winners
2018 Youth Tour delegates

Cuivre River Electric announces Youth Tour winners

Six local high school students will be attending this year’s National Youth Tour Conference in Washington, D.C. this summer.

The top six-scoring finalists were Nathan Nordwald, Faith Van Horn, Madelyn Guss and Isabella Linstruth, all of Warrenton High School; Rishi Kondapaneni, Liberty High School; and homeschool student Jessica Jarvis.

The final judging was determined during the 50th annual Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Final Competition and Awards Banquet held April 11.

Six other finalists received $500 college scholarships. They were Garrett Overton and Christian Tebeau, both of Liberty High School; Tarun Jeevan, Francis Howell High School; Hank Kientzy, Silex High School; Jaime Mennemeyer, Troy Buchanan High School; and Jared Heap, Warrenton High School.

Tebeau and Heap were named first and second alternate, respectively, should any of the students be unable to attend.

This year’s National Youth Tour will take place June 8-14. The seven-day youth tour provides an action-filled week for delegates, offering them opportunities to learn firsthand what it is like to be involved in politics, leadership positions, community service and today’s pressing issues.

Missouri’s youth tour delegates will visit with representatives from their congressional districts and tour famous monuments, the Smithsonian Institution’s museums and Arlington National Cemetery.

Cuivre River Electric fully funds the participation of its delegates. There is no cost to students or families.

Cuivre River Electric announces Youth Tour winners
2018 Youth Tour scholarship recipients

“We are dedicated to serving our communities where our members work and live, through exceptional service and a number of education, outreach and leadership programs,” said Tim Schmidt, Youth Tour coordinator. “Each summer, the Youth Tour program provides six students from our service area a chance to visit our nation’s capital and learn more about government, leadership and cooperatives. We are excited for this year’s delegates to experience what many describe as a trip of a lifetime.”

More than 100 students from 10 schools entered the preliminary stage of competition by submitting an essay. The top 12 students won the opportunity to advance to the final competition. In the final stage students took a cooperative knowledge quiz and presented their essays orally.

This year’s topic was “What Do Cooperatives Mean to My Community?” Scores from all three contest segments were combined to select the delegates and scholarship recipients.

Three teachers were recognized for submitting at least 10 student essays and were presented a $50 classroom grant at the Aug. 11 banquet. They were

Amanda Franke and Kristine Heimburger, both of Warrenton High School; and Sonya Borders, Liberty High School.

Since 1964, Cuivre River has sponsored over 200 youth tour delegates for visits to Washington, D.C. More than 53,000 high school students sponsored by the nation’s electric cooperatives have participated in the youth tour since the educational leadership program began.

The annual contest is open to high school juniors who live and attend school in Cuivre River’s general service area, or who have Cuivre River Electric service in their homes.

For more information contact Schmidt at or 636-695-4837.

Watch a slideshow from the 2017 trip

What Is Youth Tour?

The Youth Tour provides high school juniors with a unique opportunity to learn about democracy and leadership in Washington, D.C. The goal of the Youth Tour is to foster students’ appreciation for the democratic form of government; educate students about the role of electric cooperatives in the national economy; expand their understanding of cooperatives as a business model; introduce students to the cooperative principles and understanding the value of rural electrification; expose students to the sights and sounds of our nation’s heritage; build students’ leadership skills so that they may make a difference in their communities; and reward students for academic achievement and community leadership.


Youth are the future. Impacting the lives of the youth of today is extremely important to the cooperative community. The mission of the Youth Tour sponsored by local electric cooperatives across the United States is built on the belief that textbooks and lectures alone are not enough to help students understand the democratic process and gain the skills necessary to become tomorrow's leaders. Rather, today's teenagers also need an opportunity to experience government first-hand by visiting the nation's capital, meeting their Representative and Senators and engaging in interactive workshops and discussion.


By educating our high school students and enhancing their self-worth, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative hopes to promote and inspire responsible and informed participation in the democratic process - in essence, ensuring a stronger future for everyone.


Youth Tour Delegate History

│2017│Audrey Hahn, Homeschool; Jane Zuroweste and Chloe Momphard, Troy Buchanan HS; Ben Mertens, Warrenton HS; Brendan Heslin, Francis Howell HS; and Alishia Curry, Bowling Green HS. │2016│ Emily Baalman and Clare Citrowske, Homeschool; Kacie Francois, Timberland HS; Leo Kniffen and Justin Rice, Warrenton HS; and Kai Rogers, Winfield HS. │2015│ Hannah Baalman, Homeschool; Alexa Jones and Madison Jones, Francis Howell HS; Jessica Hoelting, Troy Buchanan HS; Sarah Hoelscher, Warrenton HS; and Alexandra Hudelson, Winfield HS. │2014│ Elizabeth Citrowske, Homeschool; Brandelyn Martin, Silex HS; Alison Boehmer, St. Dominic HS; Grant Cordell and Gabriel Holtmeyer, Warrenton HS; and Marissa Burch, Winfield HS. │2013│ Kelsey Castulik, St. Dominic HS; Zabada Abouelhana, Timberland HS; Melissa Lamping, Troy Buchanan HS; Rachel Reckamp and Samantha Swoboda, Warrenton HS; and Mary Burkemper, Winfield HS. │2012│ Krista Dye, Elsberry HS; Michael Edwards, Silex HS; Melora Broker, Samantha Olsson and Hannah Romaker, Warrenton HS; and Lauryn Burch, Winfield HS. │2011│ Jazmin Gac, Clopton HS; Christian Jacquez, Francis Howell HS; Jill Jarvis, Homeschool; Oliver Lamping, Troy Buchanan HS; Dana Heggemann and Emily Mauch, Warrenton HS. │2010│ Emily Wynn, Christian HS; Zach Brown, Clopton HS; Ellyn Bruckerhoff, Clopton HS; Amy Koonce, Troy Buchanan HS; Megan Costello, Warrenton HS; and Bethany Reller, Winfield HS. │2009│ Andrea Glenville, Christian HS; Deveron Tillotson, Elsberry HS; Katy Nickols, Timberland HS; Morgan Barton, Sterling Coffey, Austin Gibbs and Katie Robertson, Warrenton HS. │2008│ Deaven Omohundro, Clopton HS; Jasmine Tillotson, Elsberry HS; Katy Nickols, Timberland HS; Caroline Noe, Warrenton HS; Kelsey Boyd and Tom Dixon, Winfield HS. │2007│ Kayla Tepen, Bowling Green HS; Lauren Lehmkuhl, Elsberry HS; Joshua Ince, Louisiana HS; Debbie Heggemann, Kayla Moeller and Arie Swartz, Warrenton HS. │2006│ Alex Bencomo, Clopton HS; Heather Hite, Callie Johnson and Julie Speer, Warrenton HS; Kristina Boyd and Robert Swain Jr., Winfield HS. │2005│ Audrey Glenville, Christian HS; Mikal Bencomo and Courtney Larsheid, Clopton HS; Amanda Hoff, Timberland HS; Markita Hackmann, Warrenton HS; and Joshua Krato, Winfield HS. │2004│ Jill Omohundro, Clopton HS; Wendi Jo Dameron, Elsberry HS; Robert Zuroweste, Troy Buchanan HS; Lauren Moeller and Daniel Tappmeyer, Warrenton HS; Jacqueline O’Brien and Ashley Reed, Winfield HS. │2003│ Brandi Mills and Taylor McCrory, Clopton HS; Ashley Flanagan, Elsberry HS; Valerie Elrod, Warrenton HS; Jessica Nelson, Matthew Perry and Penny Rittenberry, Winfield HS. │2002│ Kera Steavenson and Jodi Talbot, Elsberry HS; Jenna Van Beek, Troy Buchanan HS; Nichole Bushdieker and Peter Simpson, Warrenton HS; Mark Himmelsbach and Jessica Pyle, Winfield HS. │2001│ Lukin Murphy, Silex HS; Lauren Humphrey, Troy Buchanan HS; Arthur Randall, Clare Painter, Gregory Patterson and Jason Prehm, Winfield HS. │2000│ Tiffany England, Clopton HS; Sean Andrews and Anthony Ruby, Wentzville Holt HS; Kristin Freese, Jennifer Lange and Tommy Vandiver, Winfield HS. │1999│ Julie Miller and Brook Stewart, Clopton HS; Valerie Maslin, Francis Howell North HS; Kimberly Willer, Silex HS; Megan Coons and Ashley Tipton, Warrenton HS. │1998│ Justin Watts, Clopton HS; Josh Burbridge, Elsberry HS; Patricia Martin, Silex HS; Amanda Mosteller and Ami Werges, Warrenton HS; and Adrienne Weller, Wentzville Holt HS. │1997│ Casey Reid and Jessica Robinson, Clopton HS; Derek Gibbs, Elsberry HS; Jacob Schindler, Fort Zumwalt South HS; Rachel Fuchs, Warrenton HS; and Shawn Hildebrand, Wentzville Holt HS. │1996│ Micah Capps and Nick Lindsay, Clopton HS; Kathrin Hitchcock, Francis Howell North HS; Russell Miner, Paula Parmeley and Sarah Rapp, Warrenton HS. │1995│ Amy Mitchell, Clopton HS, Karl Marshal and Amanda Butcher, Warrenton HS; Eric Bryant, Wentzville Holt HS; and Kerry Lewis, Wright City HS. │1994│ Amy Nittler, Jaclyn Reese, Keri Silea and Allen Schneider, Warrenton HS; and Jeffrey Main, Wentzville Holt HS. │1993│ Stasia Orf, Elsberry HS; Sami Haase, Amy Miller and Craig Reese, Warrenton HS; and David Westmoreland, Wentzville Holt HS. │1992│ Neeli Crenshaw, Elsberry HS; Leah Wommack, Troy Buchanan HS; Charity Boeger and Jennifer Humphrey, Warrenton HS. │1991│ Seth Borders, Karinsa Dieckmann, Rosalina Humphrey and Miriam Schroeder, Warrenton HS. │1990│ Susan Conrad, Clopton HS; Darcy Green and Raquel Roller, Elsberry HS; and April Narkawicz, Fort Zumwalt South HS. │1989│ Kerry McIntyre, Fort Zumwalt South HS; and Denise Muensterman, Troy Buchanan HS. │1988│ James Browning and Patrick McReynolds, St. Peters HS. │1987│ Shannon Singer, Clopton HS; and Michael Baty, Elsberry HS. │1986│ Melissa Reid, Clopton HS; and Tracy Henke, Troy Buchanan HS. │1985│ Mary Jenkins, Elsberry HS; and Janelle Boessen, Troy Buchanan HS. │1984│ Mona Morgan, Elsberry HS; and Samantha Graham, Troy Buchanan HS.│1976│ Edward Ellerbeck, Holt HS; Cynthia Dwyer, Silex HS; and Juanita Ell, St. Dominic HS. │1975│ Greg Bauer, Clopton HS; Paul Orf and Brenda Sorter, Elsberry HS. │1974│ Cheryl Hill, Cynthia Lynn and Scott Watson, Francis Howell HS. │1973│ Gail Pope, Francis Howell HS; Cynthia Bauer, Silex HS; and Doris Matustik, Troy Buchanan HS. │1972│ Ann Brown and Duke Duvall, Clopton HS; Debbie Reinker, Elsberry HS; Kathy Medued, Francis Howell HS; Connie Seeger, Silex HS; and Randall Middike, St. Dominic HS. │1971│ Mary Motley, Clopton HS; Robert Edwards and Terry Twesay, Elsberry HS; Karen Diekamp, Francis Howell HS; Ken Orf and Debbie Preis, St. Dominic HS. │1970│ Larry Foster, Elsberry HS; Beverly Hacker and Ruth Heitkamp, St. Dominic HS; Linda Cross and Jeanette Lester, Troy Buchanan HS; and Gary Wilmsmeyer, Warrenton HS. │1969│ Brenda Lou Martin, Clopton HS; and Mike Miller, Elsberry HS. │1968│ Rose Wommack and Kathy Seeger, Silex HS. │1967│ Donna Ruthermich, Wentzville Holt HS; and Richard Anthony, Winfield HS. │1966│ Kay Prerister, Francis Howell HS; and Glenda Barley, Troy Buchanan HS. │1965│ Phyllis Wilhoit Bowling Green HS; and Margaret Wolf, St. Dominic HS. │1964│ Becky Scholl, Clopton HS; and Wayne Gould, Wentzville Holt HS.