Your safety

May 31, 2019

Think of someone who loves you. Imagine what they would go through if you were lost in a tragic accident. Sure there are dangers out there everywhere, and every day. But some of those can be prevented with a little education. You owe it to those who love you to educate yourself about electrical safety.

Your safety

That is where we come in. Your electric cooperative has always been dedicated to providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to you, our member. The lengths we go to keep you, your family and our linemen safe are a point of pride for us and are never taken lightly.

From acquiring new equipment and implementing new procedures to increasing awareness of back-up generator systems within the cooperative community, we strive to promote the highest standard of safety.

High voltage wires and equipment are a constant danger for cooperative line workers, but they can also pose a danger to members. That is why electric cooperatives are proud to be at the forefront of electrical safety equipment development, as well as electrical safety education.

In addition to safety training for employees, your cooperative is continuously raising awareness of electrical safety in our communities. You may hear how to stay safe around overhead lines while listening to your favorite radio station in your car or streaming it on your phone.

You may read how to keep your children from deadly shocks around boat docks from an ad in your local paper, cooperative newsletter or statewide publication.

You could find out how important it is to call before you dig from digital ads through our website or social media.

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