Save energy this fall at no cost

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September 25, 2019

As you begin to feel a nip in the air, here are a few changes you can do as the temperatures fall to save energy dollars without any financial investment:

Save energy this fall at no cost

Turn off the AC – Even if heat lingers into the fall months, it won’t be as intense as in the summer. So shut off the air conditioner, open up the windows on opposite sides of your house for cross-ventilation and cool down with a fan.

Reflect radiator heat – If you have radiators in your house, place a sheet of aluminum foil between the radiator and the wall to push heat into the room.

Bleed radiator – Before turning on the heat, bleed the radiator of air trapped in the coils to improve efficiency.

Rebalance heat registers – If you have a forced-air system, redirect the air flow from summertime (higher in the house) to wintertime (lower in the house).

Change furnace filter – At least once a month during the heating season, change the filter. Dirty filters can overwork your furnace.

Clean out registers, radiators and heating vents – Remove dust and dirt before cold weather hits.

Readjust thermostat – For the heating mode, set it no higher than 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night or when you’re away for an extended period. For heat pumps, adjust downward by no more than 5 degrees to avoid activating the backup strip heating unnecessarily.

Check your fireplace – Clean it to remove built-up creosote. Make sure the seal on the flue damper is as snug as possible. Caulk around the hearth. And if you’re not going to use the fireplace at all, plug and seal the flue. Fireplaces are highly inefficient if they don’t have an insert.