Promotional benefits of becoming a business partner

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May 8, 2019

If you’re a local business owner, you may want to consider the benefits of becoming a Co-op Connections business partner. Participation in the program is free, and your business could be promoted in this newsletter, Current Times, which is distributed to over 65,000 CREC members each month.

Promotional benefits of  becoming a business partner

In general, the Co-op Connections program is also marketed across CREC communication throughout the year, encouraging members to take advantage of the discounts offered by local businesses who are partners.  

Q. What is the Co-op Connections Card program?
A. It’s an innovative outreach effort by America’s Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives to bring value to the relationships — the connections— cooperative members and local businesses have with local, member-owned electric cooperatives. CREC, the largest member-owned electric cooperative in Missouri, provides reliable electric service to over 65,000 homes and businesses in portions of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Pike and eastern Montgomery counties.

Q. What does the card do for local businesses?
A. The card can bring cooperative members to your door from down the street, around the state and across the country. CREC will enter your offer in the database of discounts and randomly promote Co-op Connections business partners in the monthly Current Times newsletter.

Q. What does the card do for CREC members?
A. The card entitles members to discounts on products and services, from landscaping to vision care, travel to prescription medications, locally, regionally, online and across the country — anywhere the Co-op Connections decal is displayed.

Q. What does it cost my business to participate?
A. $0 to sign up, plus the cost of the discount. Door/window decals will be provided to help consumers identify businesses participating in CREC’s Co-op Connections Card program. You get to choose predetermined discount(s) for customers who present their Co-op Connections Card.

Q. How can a local business participate?
A. The answer is simple: Determine a discount to offer. Please make the offer unique, rather than a standard discount offered to everyone, if possible. Sign a participation agreement with CREC. Agree to honor the cards at your business. Businesses do not have to be CREC members to participate. CREC reserves the right to reject businesses and/or offers it determines may be inappropriate.

Q. Can I see what the program looks like?
A. Yes. You will need to create a free user account to access all benefits of the Co-op Connections Card program. Visit, and click on Co-op Connections to reach the program’s main information page. Once there, you’ll be able to click on a link to create a user account. Then you can check out local and national discounts, healthy savings benefits, such as prescription and dental discounts, hotel discounts, Entertainment® Coupon Book discounts and more.

Join the dozens of area businesses who’ve partnered with CREC. To learn more, email (put Co-op Connections in the subject line please) or call 636-695-4800, ext. 4838.